Monday, July 28, 2008

Lukisan oleh Tajuddin: KIRIM SALAM PADA PAK ABU, YA
Oil on canvas
25" x 32" - 20 May 2008

Kedai gunting dulu2..banyak yang tak ada hawa dingin...tapi ianya merupakan salah satu tempat berinteraksi..
macam kat kopitiam jugalah

Artwork Medium?
Oil Painting

Artwork Style?

About Me?
Just want to do the thing that I need to do all this time - oil painting.

Art Statement?
1. Never paint when you are not inspired, because it never fails to fail you 2. I hate's messy

Favourite Artists?
Collete,Dali, da Vinci & the rest of the Rennaisance gang

Favourite Colour?
nothing gawdy/glaring

Why you want to be an artists ??
Don't ask me that

Creative Road Show - Kuantan - 2007 Lakarasa Inderapura - National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur - exhibition of works by Pahang artist, - one of my art pieces was selected for the exhibition

1 Creative Art Corner Gallery, Kuantan (3 pieces) 2 Pahang State Art Gallery, Kuantan (4 pieces) 3 Resource Centre SM Teknik Seri Pelindung, Kuantan (3 pieces) 4 Pn Mazuraini Zulkefli, Kuantan (1 piece ) 5 My studio and all over the internal walls of my house (minus the above)

What awards?

Favourite Artist?
anybody as long as they are not cocky

Why you want to be an artists?
The answer is out there


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